About Us


How it all started..

Six spirited, naughty children inspired their three moms to launch children’s clothing brand Spilow in 2016.

All products are made with colourful, natural materials for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 13. The distinctive yet simple silhouettes of the garments complement children's playful nature. Each Spilow product has its own concept and story. Our clothing stimulates role play to help children use their creativity, develop their imagination and improve their dexterity.

Growing up we would often hear such lectures at home and at school: “Do not run, you’ll fall down and get dirty!” Grown-ups wanted us to play calm games, especially if we were dressed up.

Today’s parents take a different approach. We believe that it’s while playing that children learn and prepare for their future challenges. We encourage children to run barefooted, fall down and get back on their feet independently. IT IS OKAY TO BE NAUGHTY – this is our mantra. With Spilow, our goal is to share this philosophy with mothers around the world.

Our style is what defines us. At Spilow, we aim to create clothing that will become the go-to style of free, independent and happy human beings who love adventure and endless play.

Just like us, other mothers want their kids to be confident, make friends, enjoy playing freely and still look cool at all times. As a matter of fact, it’s the curiosity of the little ones that inspires us to create new outfits that are equally admired by kids and their parents. Spilow dresses and skirts, shirts and t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are not just pieces of clothing. Spilow-wear is part of your kid’s great adventure.